Lion Tailing or Poodle tailing

Most people do not realize that a tree can be ruined by stripping it out and leaving it heavy at the ends.

This photo below shows heavy ends and no lower limbs left.

What is wrong with this tree in Del Mar Ca?


These pine trees (below) were trimmed along Encinitas Blvd. (a major road way in San Diego County),  Their canopies are stripped out from the inside. The lower limbs were cut off. The privacy and screening from the busy road is lost for ever as Pines can not regenerate lower limbs.

The ends of this pine were left heavy and full.

Eldarica Pines stripped out and over thinned. The home lost all privacy and screening from the the busy road.

I wonder why they cut all lower limbs off. All privacy and screening was lost!  (It is easy to reach the lower limbs)

Privacy screening lost. branch ends were left heavy and out of balance.


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