Cardiff school: what will we learn ?


Ash tree topped in 2011 Encinitas CA.

 Topping hurts trees and costs money. Staying positive is a virtue, but not all history lessons are “fairy tales” or “love stories”. Sometimes we need to look at the obvious tree cutting gone wrong!. Basically, in order for us to learn about trees and grow as a tree loving community, someone needs to point out what is going on here in Encinitas. Trees can grow, but not very well after this tree cutting of this Ash tree. There is a much better way to “reduce” a tree or perform proper crown reduction.

This ash was topped for a view above Cardiff elementary school.

This tree at the South east corner of the Cardiff school was “trimmed” a little too much… Well, actually way too much tree cutting happened here! This actually happened because a “neighbor” wanted a better view of the ocean.  No naming names, but the guy lives on top of the hill and sells palm trees. He paid some tree company to com in and mutilate a lot of the trees at the school. including the torrey pines which were just stripped out (described in another post). There is a much better way to reduce a tree or perform proper crown reduction. A good arborist is hard to find but there is one in Encinitas.

Ficus trees  are very resiliant and able to withstand or “recover” quickly from heavy cutting. However does this look good? If the tree survives this sun shock and lack of shade, it will respond with a vengence! The new profuse sucker growth will grow back at a rate of 2-3 times faster. The new growth is not as healthy and will be more brittle.

Ficus tree “topped” at Cardiff school

Does this tree look right?